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LP Crystal’s Privacy Policy

(a) Any and all information that is gathered by LP Crystal about you (the customer) is used solely by us, so that it is easier for you to navigate the Site and to inform you in future about new products and special promotions. 

(b) LP Crystal collects necessary information such as your first and last name, any relevant contact information as well as any relevant billing and shipping information. This information is necessary for us to ensure that your order is correctly shipped to you and that you are properly billed. 

(c) LP Crystal tracks the amount of people that visit the Site to provide the best service we can.  

(d) While LP Crystal collects necessary information about our customers, we do not sell, rent or release your private information to other parties, individuals or companies and is solely for the company’s use.  

(e) By using this Site, you are consenting to the terms above and if there are any updates to the privacy policy, LP Crystal will update this posting.