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Gemma dia 1100

Gemma dia 1100
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Gemma dia 1100



X-Large crystal chandelier (110 x 160 cm) with twenty-seven (27) light sources hung with Crystal Exclusive Trimmings or Swarovski Spectra Crystals. The stunning contrast between the white crystals and the brass, nickel or dark patina metallic finishes makes this chandelier the perfect accessory for any classic or modern interior. Recommended to combine this crystal chandelier with other crystal lighting products such as ceiling crystal chandeliers, wall, table and/or floor crystal lamps for a complete look. 

Technical Details:

Dimension: 110 x 160 cm (43.3 x 63 in) 

Weight: 121.3 lbs (55 kg)

Wattage: 27 x 60 W

Available Variants and Certifications: